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Hello. My name is Amber. My mom's name is Kim. She did a lot of drugs for a really long time. She always took really good care of her teeth, but a couple years of being sober later, she found out that the bone mass that held her front four teeth in place was gone. She did end up getting them pulled in a free service that our county provided to residents for a short time. But she can't afford to get the partials she needs. I know that it isn't necessarily a need, but I know it doesn't feel good for her to be fairly young and walk around with all her front teeth missing. She does work full time. She is in the process of getting my brother home from foster care. For the first time in her life she is fully self sufficient and pays for her bills without help from the state or from a "boyfriend". We are all so proud of her and just want to help her.

I did some pricing and an estimate on her partials was 1,500 dollars. She'll never be able to afford that on her own. I work full time, but am a single mother of 3 daughters and can't afford to help. 

Does anyone know of any agencies that will help her? She does not qualify for medicaid as I am over age and my brother is not currently in her custody.I thought there used to be something called MOM (moms off meth) that helped with dental work but I researched it and couldn't find it. 

Thanks for your time. 

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